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The Most visited cities in Mexico.
The Most visited cities in Mexico.
February 6

San Miguel de Allende has become one of the most visited cities in Mexico and the world, receiving visitors from all continents but mostly from the United States. Its climate, its people, its traditions, history and colonial architecture are the main attractions that make San Miguel a tourist city. And now another attraction will soon open to the public, "La Cañada de la Virgen" prehispanic site adds to the attractions of San Miguel as it is already "Atotonilco Sanctuary" regarded the latter as the Sistine Chapel of America.
San Miguel offers tourists the best services to make your visit pleasant always, you can find hotels of all categories, food restaurants Italian, Spanish, International, Mexican, Argentina etc. And what about the nightlife, the bars of the city provide safe fun for everyone.

The botanical Garden in San Miguel

The botanical Garden in San Miguel

This botanical garden covers 67 hectares of nature reserve, and is located just minutes from the historic center of San Miguel de Allende, the exit to the city of Querétaro. Its name comes from a natural pool embedded in the back of an impressive canyon. It is an extraordinary natural monument, with a great biodiversity. It has an extensive botanical collection, composed of cacti and other succulents Mexico, many of them rare, threatened or endangered, home of native and migratory birds, historical site, environmental education, peace zone and recreational space and Community confluence. It can be visited from sunrise to sunset. It´s called "El Charco" conducts research programs and environmental education for children and youth, as well as various activities: meetings, lectures, courses, workshops, tours, concerts, temascales, ceremonies, etc., Which reflect the multicultural environment of San Miguel de Allende.

San Miguel De Allende
San Miguel de Allende Mexico has never felt better I have seen some perfect days but today is just a smashing day to live in Mexico.
Casa Schuck is beaming with beauty.
Thank you to the team of Allende mexico and and Ole Ole Marketing for helping us to make it to the top.

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We have just returned from a recent stay at Casa Schuck, a lovely boutique hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was my second stay at at this enchanting B&B. Casa Schuck is just steps from town and offers a truly authentic Mexican breakfast which was included in our stay. The ambiance is truly magnificent and charming. it is clear from the beauty of Casa Schuck extreme care and maintenance is invested in preserving its beauty. The view from the rooftop deck is also spectacular and offers a perfect venue for an intimate happy hour.

Our hosts, Susan, Chuck and the whole Cordelli family took great care in ensuring we were well taken care of. The staff of Casa Schuck was very helpful in directing our visit. We had wonderful dinners in San Miguel and will assuredly prioritize San Miguel and Casa Schuck in our future travel plans.


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